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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

5 Best Bus Driving Simulator Games For Android 2020

5 Best Bus Driving Simulator Games For Android

Hello guys, we have handpicked the 5 best bus simulator games for android. Bus Simulator Games simulate the driving of a bus. A good bus simulator game will give you a great experience of driving a bus in real-life.

A Good Bus Simulator Game usually contain realist buses, interior views, different camera angel, bus features such as transmission, indicator, wipers, light control, horn, mirrors and good driving physics, graphics and a big map! It should feel you are real bus driver sitting inside a bus and driving it!

Android is the most used OS for mobiles phone, It has millions of apps and games. millions of people play games on their android mobile phone every single day.
Google Play Store has thousands of Bus Driving Simulator Games, It can be a bit difficult to try each game to find a good bus game. That's why we've made a list of best Bus Driving Games! We have played many bus games and decided based on their Graphics, Features, Bus Physics, Camera, Bus Interior & Its Features, Game Size and System Requirements etc...

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia usually know as BUSSID is the most popular and most liked bus simulator game for android. It will give a great experience of driving a bus in Indonesia. It offers realist Indonesia environments and buses and traffic.

We really liked its graphics and bus physics. It has 3 three game mode; Free Mode, Carrer Mode and Multiplayer Mode. It has many buses to drive.
The game map is really big, It has many big Indonesia cities along with many weather conditions.
Game Sound is somewhat decent. We really liked Its modifications system, it is an amazing feature where you can download Mod from the internet and add it to the game, just like we do on our pc.

It has may Bus Features like, Light Control, Interior views, rearview mirrors,, wipers, hand brake, different types of horn, indicators, strobe, etc...
You can change controls and game graphics too.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia

2. Bus Simulator: Original

Bus Simulator Original is another good bus driving game for android after Bus Simulator Indonesia. This game is developed by Ovidiu Pop, They are known for their truck, bus and driving simulator games.

Bus Simulator Original has good graphics and decent physics, however, it bus driving physics and not as good as Bus Simulator Indonesia, but it still better than the other games we tested.

It has many buses, from a simple bus to a luxury bus. Buses models are good as well. It has there game modes, Free Ride, Career and Multiplayer, In Free Ride, you can choose Weather Conditions such as Day, Night, Clear, Rain etc...
It has many big game maps! You can drive a bus in Paris, Rome, NY, LA and many other big cities!

It's available in many languages. it has 3 control modes, apart from it you can change graphics quality, game resolution and units.

Now looking at the bus features, they are very similar to Bus Simulator Indonesia like; Indicators, wipers, light controls, mirrors, horn, parking brake, cruise control, etc... It has many camera angel as well

Download Bus Simulator: Original

3. World Bus Driving Simulator

World Bus Driving Simulator is another interesting Bus Driving Game! It's very different from the above bus games with many unique features. What we really liked about this game is its graphics and realistic physics! It has better physics than both above games! We absolutely love its physics! Its cabin physics is great as well, it really feels like we are driving a real bus!

Apart from Its graphics and realistic physics, it has many good customization and bus models. It has good control and we can choose padel types we can control our bus accelerator and braking intensity! If you want you can use a Gamepad as well. It has a huge Brazil country map, dynamic weather and day-night cycle.

If you want to experience how it's like to drive a bus in real-life, then you will love this game!

4. City Coach Bus Simulator 2020

City Coach Bus Simulator 2020 is a decent bus driving game for android. It has decent graphics and physics. It don't have many features compared to the above games. We choose it because it's very lightweight and low demanding game, and it runs smoothly on low-end mobiles.

The main unique feature of this game is the off-road and mountain road! You can drive the bus on crazy off-road and mountain roads! It has two game modes; Classic Mode and Highway Mode. It has many interesting levels in both game modes. It got some cool buses as well.

City Coach Bus Simulator 2020 is a good game to kill your time, the only downside is it has too many ads on the free version, but you can play this game offline or just removed the ads and support the developers.

5. Modern Bus Simulator Drive 3D: New Bus Games Free

Modern Bus Simulator Drive 3D is a new bus simulator game for android. It's a very lightweight game and don't use too much mobile storage because its size is only 70 MB+ It doesn't require high-end mobile, it works well on low-end mobile.

In Modern Bus Simulator Drive 3D Game is both a bus simulator and bus parking game. It has many buses to choose from. It's graphics good considering its size.
It has two game modes; Simulation and Parking. In simulation mode, you have to carry passengers and drop them to their destination within the given time limit. you can choose the day and weather condition as well.
In the Parking mode, you have to park your bus at a certain location, you will have many obstacles and challenges the way, and they increase and become more difficult at a higher level. You will be given two lives, hitting any object will cost a live. We really liked the parking game mode...It an enjoyable game mode.


Bus Simulator Games are very famous among the mobile users. It's relaxing to play. You can play them when you are bored. They relieve stress and give us the chance to enjoy a real-life bus driving experience.
We hope you guys liked the games we picked, It was really hard for us to pick 5 games considering there are many good bus simulator game available on google play store. But, we can't cover them in one post. We will keep posting more wonderful bus simulator game for you to play. 
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