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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Plants vs Zombies 2 pp.dat Editing - Unlock All Plants, Power ups, Costumes, Unlimited Everything and many things

Editing Plants vs Zombies 2 pp.dat Part 1

Plants vs Zombies 2 save user data into a file named pp.dat. pp.dat means PlayerProfile.
The good things is we can easily edit pp.dat by converting to the JSON file format then using an editor to edit it.

Before we being, download the below tools:

Converting pp.dat to JSON

1. Run PvZ2Tool.exe on your computer.

2. Select pp.dat in RTON to JSON selection and then click on start.

3. After completing the above steps you pp.dat will be converted to pp.dat.json. which means we can edit it easily.

Editing pp.dat.json

1. Okay so, Now open JSONedit.exe.

2. Drag and Drop pp.dat.json into JSONedit

3. From now you can start editing your pp.dat. Here's the information:

p - It stores your plants. To add a new just right-click on it and select "add child" set its Node to integer and in the value box you have to type plants ID, You can get plants id from here: PvZ 2 Plants IDs
c - Coin.
g - Gems 
t - Gauntlet
m - Mint
pf - Penny Fuel
spr - Sprout
gf - Upgrades and World Trophies
cos - Plants Costumes.
pr - Power-Ups
plis - Plants Level

Converting pp.dat.json to pp.dat 

1. Run PvZ2Tool.exe on your computer.

2. Select pp.dat.json in JSON to RTON selection and then click on start.

3. Your pp.dat.jon will be converted to pp.dat.rton 

4. Now, simply rename pp.dat.rton to pp.dat and put it back into the game and enjoy.

Next Guide: Editing Plants vs Zombies 2 pp.dat Part 2 - Creating Fully Modified pp.dat File with All Plants, Max Level, Unlimited Everything, All Costumes, Power-ups, Upgrades, Multiple Profiles, Editing Worlds and Zen Gardens and many more!


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