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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Minecraft Major Nether Update Everything You Need to Know About The New Biomes, Items, Netherite Tools, Mobs. Blocks, Respawn Anchor

Minecraft Nether Update official artwork released by Mojang.

Everything You Need to Know About the Minecraft Major Nether Update

Minecraft has just received the Major Nether Update. Minecraft V1.16 update combined all the snapshot from 2019 and released them under the V.1.16.
Minecraft new update has changed the whole Nether, It's no longer the Nether you know as previously. Now the Nether has many new biomes, new mobs, new blocks, new tools, and many more new things.
The previous Nether is now known as Nether "Wasteland."

In this article, we will you information about the new stuff that are added in the V1.16.

New Biomes

The new Nether Update added four new biomes in the Nether. The four new biomes are; Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley, and Basalt Deltas.

Crimson Forest

Crimson Forest is a dense forest filled with Crimson tress, warped, fungus, roots, new mobs. Crimson Forest can be identified by its red-themed colour environment and big Crimson trees, Fungs, and mobs.

Things you will find in Crimson Forest:

  • Crimson Trees
  • Crimson Roots
  • Crimson Fungus
  • Crimson Nylium
  • Warped Fungus
  • Weeping Vines
  • Shroomlight
  • Blackstone 
  • Mushrooms
  • Hoglin
  • Piglin
  • Zombified Piglin
  • Strider

Since there are trees, root, fungus, food, and mobs, It can be a nice place to build a shelter there.

Warped Forest

Same as Crimson Forest, Warped forest is a dense and most peaceful forest in nether. Crimson Forest environment is red while the warped forest has turquoise-blue themed environments.

Things you will find in Crimson Warped Forest:

  • Warped Tree
  • Warped Fungus
  • Warped Roots
  • Warped Nylium
  • Warped Stem
  • Weeping Vines
  • Twisting Vines
  • Crimson Fungus and Roots
  • Shroomlight
  • Mushrooms
  • Blackstone
  • Enderman
  • Strider

Warped Forest is the most peaceful biome in the nether because of the lack of hostile mobs. Also, Since Enderman spawns there making it a perfect place to farm ender pearls to reach the End.

Soul Sand Valley

Soul Sand Valley biome is mostly made of soul sand and soul soil. Soil fire, crimson roots, nether fossil, bastions pillar, and many blocks can be found in Sound Sand Valley biome. The environment and atmosphere are foggy with the cyan colour scheme and air particles are grey.

Things you can find in Soul Sand Valley:

  • Soul Sand
  • Soul Soil
  • Soul Fire
  • Basalt Pillar
  • Bastions Remnants
  • Fossils
  • Glowstone
  • Blackstone
  • Bone Block
  • Crimson Roots
  • Skeleton
  • Ghast
  • Enderman
  • Strider

Soul Sand Valley is a dangerous biome, You've to be well prepared to explore it. We recommend applying Soul Speed Enchmants on your boots to prevent the player from slowing down on the Soul Sand.

Basalt Deltas

Basalt Deltas are volcanic biomes filled with high mountains made up of largely Basalt, and some Blackstone. There are many lava lakes and magma blocks in the Basalt biome. Basalt Deltas atmosphere is foggy with the dull lilac-colour scheme.

Useful things you can find in the Basalt Deltas

  • Basalts
  • Blackstone
  • Lava lakes
  • Magma Blocks
  • Mushrooms
  • Magma Cube
  • Ghast
  • Strider

New Items in Nether Update

Mojang added many new items in the new update of Minecraft. Below we give you some information about the new items.

Netherite Tools and Armour

Netherite is the new material that is stronger and extremely rarer than the diamond. Tools and armours made up of Netherite are more durable, faster, have an extra damage point compared to the diamond tools and armours.

You can upgrade your diamond tools or armours to the netherite by finding Ancient debris then smelting it to make Netherite Scraps and then turning it into Netherite ingot. Smithing Table is used for upgrading Diamond tools to the Netherite. The only bad thing is the enchantments on the tools and armours will not carry over to the netherite tools.

Lodestone Compass

We all know the compass doesn't work in the Nether or in the End. That's where the Lodestone comes into the play! Normally Compass point to the world spawn, But now we can set it to point to the Lodestone.

To make Lodestone Compass you need to get Lodestone, You can find Lodestone within the chests in the Bastion Remnants or craft it using one Netherite Ingot and Eight Chiseled Stone Bricks

Soul Speed Enchanted Book

Soul Speed is a new enchantment book that is used on the boots. It allows the player to runs faster on the Sand Soul and Soul Soil.
Its recommended to have this enchantment when going to the Soul Sand Valley, It will prevent the player from slowing down on the Sand Soul and Soul Soil.

Warped Fungus on a Stick

Warped Fungus on a Stick is similar to the carrot on a stick. It's a useful item that can be used to control Strider. Strider can walk on the lava so you can Warped Fungus on a Stick to control the Strider to travel through the lava.

New Music Disc and Banner Pattern

Mojang has added a new music disc and banner pattern in the V1.16 update. The new music disc is name is Pigstep and the new banner pattern is Snout. Both items can be only found in Bastion Remnants.

The new music disc is composed by Lena Raine. The disc colour is red meaning it comes from the Nether instead of Overworld.

New Mobs in Nether Update

New biomes, New mobs! Mojang has added some new mobs in the game. Read below about them.


Piglins have 16 (Heart x 8) health and they spawn Crimson Foreset and Nether Wastes biomes. Adult Piglins are Hostiles toward player unless the player wears at least one piece of gold armor. Baby piglins are passive and the weird thing is they never grow up. Piglins attacks wither skeletons and hoglins, and they avoid all soul fire blocks.
The player can barter (Form of trading) with them with gold ingots.

Piglin Brute

Unlike other new mobs, Piglin Brutes are currently in Bedrock edition, They have 45 (Heart x 22.5) health. They hold an axe and hostile toward players, and they aren't scared of soul fire either. Piglin Brute only spawn in Bastion Rements


Hoglins have 40 (Heart x 20) health and they only spawn in the Crimson Forest. Hoglins are hostile toward player and attack by throwing its enemies. They also have high melee range. They can be bred using crimson fungus.


Zoglins are zombified version of the Hoglins. They have 40 (Heart x 20) health. A Hoglin will turns into a Zoglin when brought to the overworld. It attacks most of the mobs expect creepers and immune to the lava and fire damage. They can't be breaded.


Striders are the new passive mobs added in the Nether update. They have 20 (Heart x 10) health and spawn on the lava oceans. They can be damaged by water and rains. The player can ride strider by putting a saddle on it and then using the Warped Fungus on a Stick to control it. Striders are immune to lava and fire, It runs faster on the lava compared to the land.

New Blocks

Minecraft V1.16 is the major Nether update, many new blocks are added to the game.

Soul Fire

  • Its act the same as the regular fire.
  • Deal double damage per second. 
  • Can't melt ice snow and ice. Can't burn wood either.
  • Emit light level of 10 instead of 15.

Soul Torch

  • It emits less light than the regular torch.
  • It can scare away the piglins.

Soul Camp Fire

  • It emits less light than the regular Camp Fire.
  • It can scare away the piglins.

Soul Lantern

  • It emits less light than the regular Lantern.
  • It can scare away the piglins.

Soul Soil

  • Can be found in Soul Sand Valley.
  • Can be used to craft Soul torch, lantern.


  • This update two new types of fungus.
  • They can be found in Crimson and Warped Forest biomes.

Nether Root

  • Generated in Crimson and Warped Forest biomes.
  • Can be planted on Nylium.

Nether Sprouts

  • Generated in Crimson and Warped Forest biomes.
  • Can be planted on nylium, grass, dirt, podzol, and coarse dirt.


  • Two new vines; Weeping Vines, and Twisting Vines.


  • Target Emits a Redstone signal when shot with an arrow.


  • It emits light.
  • Found in Crimson and Warped Forest biomes.
  • Generate top of the Crimson and Warped huge fungus.


  • Found in Basalt Deltas biomes.
  • Can be used to craft stones items and tools.

Nether Planks

  • They comes in red and blue colour.
  • Can be used to craft all wood items.
  • They don't burn in the fire.


  • They grow top of the Netherracks.
  • Comes in red and blue colour.
  • They the grass of Crimson and Warped Forest biomes.

Quartz Bricks

  • Can be crafted using a stonecutter or four quartz blocks together.


  • Found within the chests in Bastions Remnants.
  • Found on the ceiling in Bastions Remnants.
  • Can be crafted.

Nether Gold Ore

  • Drops 2-6 gold nuggets.
  • Can be mined using any Pickaxe.

Gilded Blackstone

  • Has chance to drop gold nuggets when mined.
  • Found in Bastions remnants.
  • Can't be smelted.

Ancient Debris

  • Is stronger than the diamond.
  • Is the second rarest ore in the game.
  • Is used to smelt Netherite Scraps.
  • Can be only mined using the diamond pickaxe.
  • Usually found floating between the lava.
  • Can't be burned.
  • Has the same blast resistance as obsidian.
  • Moveable by the piston.
  • Is used for making Netherite tools and armor.

Crying Obsidian

  • Can be obtained by bartering with Piglins.
  • Can be used to craft Respawn Anchor.
  • Can't be used to make Nether portal.


  • Used for Lodestone Compass.
  • Can be used to change the Compass spawn point.
  • Found within the chests in the Bastion Remnants.
  • Can be crafted using one Netherite Ingot and eight Chiseled Stone Bricks.

Respawn Anchor

  • Act as the spawn point in the Nether.
  • Use Glowstone as a charge to set spawn points.
  • Crafted using six Crying Obsidian and three Glowstone.
  • Will explode when used in the Overworld or The End.


Minecraft is the best selling video to the date, Even after a decade millions of people play it every day. Mojang keeps updating Minecraft to improve the gaming experience.
Just recently Mojang has finally released the biggest update of Nether, The update is known as Major Nether Update and Version 1.16
Since, its the biggest update for Nether, so generally it has added many new things the Nether such as biomes, mobs, items, blocks, and many more. You can read our article to get all the useful information about the new stuff easily.

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